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Eczema Education Hour

Thought about going to see a practitioner to help your child’s eczema?  Been put off because you don’t know what they actually do, or if it would work, or even the cost of 1-2-1 sessions? What if I told you I could help you for free?  Keep reading for details of how to get my help for your little one. We are so used to the benefit of free health care that we often don’t know what alternatives are out there.  For chronic conditions this is where natural therapies come into their own, they often help people find ways to …

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Eczema, Parents and Pain

pain eczema

I want to talk about pain.  I’m not talking about the pain of the person going through it though.  Today I want to write about the pain parents go through.  As someone who grew up with severe eczema I can tell you I don’t remember the pain.  You see we experience physical pain, which is bad while you are in it, yes, but once it’s passed you can’t quite remember just how painful it actually was.  Have you ever broken a bone, stubbed a toe or hurt yourself in some way?  Can you remember exactly the pain you experienced? The intensity?  Can …

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Seborrheic Dermatitis | What is it? Can you heal Seborrheic Dermatitis?

seborrheic dermatitis

So you had an unusual flaky, irritated patch of skin on your body, and you went to your doctor.  He sent you to see a dermatologist, and now you have been told you have seborrheic dermatitis.  Fantastic!  They’ve named your rash.  But what on earth is it? What is Seborrheic Dermatitis? I had eczema for a long time before I heard of ‘seborrheic dermatitis’.  In fact, it’s not a term used much in the UK at all; I came across it whilst trawling through American and Australian articles.  Seborrheic dermatitis is one of the conditions that falls under the general …

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5 Reasons why going vegan can help your Eczema / Psoriasis / Dermatitis

vegan eczema

We’re going to get back to basics in this post and cover 5 key reasons why being vegan is a fundamental requirement for the health of your skin, and can ultimately help your condition of eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. I have often found myself deep in discussion with someone about which specific foods affect our health, but then realise they have not yet removed animal products from their diet. This is a fundamental step we need to take at the start of our healing journey.   1. Food Digests Faster It is commonly stated by medical professionals, that disease begins …

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This ONE thing might be stopping you from healing

eczema mindset

Your mind.  Mindset is something I have touched on across the 100+ videos on the YouTube channel, but I fear that it perhaps has not come over with the relevance it really deserves.  With anything in life, the attitude with which it is embraced can have a huge impact on whether an endeavour is going to be successful. I have come across many people who ask me outright, ‘What should I eat?’, ‘What should I put on my skin?’ or ‘Is turmeric good for eczema?’.  Whilst these questions show a willingness to take action, what they can also demonstrate …

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It’s official. Meat DOES cause cancer.

meat cancer

We’ve known since 2015 that processed and red meats cause cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), who advise the World Health Organisation, released this news and at the time, the media were all over it.  However, the chances are, it got lost in all the other food-related articles, and a little reminder of the implications of this might be helpful. Firstly, you can read the IARC press release by clicking here.  This is the information that led to the news reports.  It is easy to read, not too jargon-filled and I highly recommend you take this type …

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Juicing for Clear Skin | Top 5 Benefits

juicing for clear skin

As most of you will know by now, this gut-related condition of ours – eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, is everything to do with the condition of the digestive tract.  Eating the wrong foods over an extended period of time has a hidden, yet disastrous effect on the inside lining of the gut.  The small intestine is where most of our food is absorbed and assimilated into the bloodstream. Lining the small intestine are small hair-like protrusions called villi, whose job it is to transfer nutrients into the blood stream.  With our continued poor lifestyle habits (or the poor lifestyle habits of …

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Paleo Diet Results after 4 Years

paleo diet results

In this short post, I want to talk about my long term paleo diet results.  As many of you will know, I experimented with a vast array of products / steroids / lotions (both natural and pharmaceutical) in the preceding years leading up to finding out the truth about how the body really works.  I eventually discovered, and was fortunate enough to become educated on the topics of gut health, digestion, detoxification, nutrition and sustainable lifestyle.  However, through this process, I did spend around 4 years eating low carb, so I have a good understanding of what the paleo diet …

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But, but, where do you get your Protein??

where do you get your protein

As I sat down to write this blog post, I do wonder how on earth it’s possible that I’ve not made a specific post on protein in the past.  I think what it might be, is that the subject of protein deficiency on a vegan diet is such a non-issue, that I couldn’t quite bring myself to dignify it with a response. For those of you who have been plant-based for a while, you’ll be wishing you had a banana for every time you’ve been asked the protein question.  It usually comes in the form of ‘Where do you get …

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Why I Don’t Recommend Paleo for Eczema


The first thing I should say here is that I was on a low carbohydrate, high protein, paleo-style diet for approximately 4 years before I found the truth about creating true health in the body.  I did not start it for my skin, despite me having eczema at the time – I started it because I was interested in the gym scene and thought it would help me build muscle.  I was pretty strict on the diet, but I did binge out on carbohydrates from time to time, because it was just so hard to feel satiated without them.  For …

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