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The Master Fast System (MFS) seems to have gathered pace in recent times, and as such I have been receiving an increasing number of questions about it.  The principle of the system is akin to a pipe-cleaning operation for humans.  A plumbing task whereby all your internal pipes are flushed through, as a kind of reset to the system.  The program combines dry fasting with the consumption of herbs and simple fruit-based calories, with flushing done through the use of psyllium husk and activated charcoal.

As many of you will know, I strongly believe in the art of doing the same things to be well, as to generate healing in the first place.  I have long been free of a captivation with short-term ‘cleanses’ or ‘flushes’.  Speaking from experience, the people I know, both personally and online, getting the greatest results, are those who have laid aside any type of cleanse or flush, and just settled into a lifestyle that will ultimately result in them being well.  After all, the body does respond more positively to long-term consistency than to short-term purity.  So where does the Master Fast System fit in this paradigm?

Is MFS a Lifestyle?

Looking at the system overall, the substances being consumed are good, and will certainly provide both cleansing and fuelling for the body.  Grape juice, highly used and recommended on the program, is great for flushing out the body, and is also a very wise choice of calories to power you through your days.  The herbs too will no doubt provide cleansing effects to the body, and the periods of no consumption will certainly give the body downtime to rest and recuperate.

However, at no point should the MFS be considered a diet or a lifestyle.  At most, it can only be done for around 3 months, after which time, you need a lifestyle that you are going to adopt.  Most of us who are considering doing a program such as MFS are not in a life or death situation, and have time to adopt a truly healing lifestyle.  Think about how long it took to get to your current state of health.  It took far more than a few weeks or months to build to the point where you have dermatitis or eczema.  No matter how effective a flush you can do, it’s only ever going to be that – a flush.  It will flush you out, but it will not do anything towards the long-term building of your new body.

You need to have a long-term way of living, eating, sleeping, breathing.   Your foundation – the thing you default to in the absence of whatever else you’re dabbling with over the top.  The worst thing I see people doing, is adopting a fully raw, fully pure diet for around 30 days, with no foundation underneath.  Some are still eating bits of oil or dairy here and there, or even fish and chicken.  Human nature always looks for the fastest, easiest method – the path of least resistance.  We are surrounded to intensively by a society of instant gratification that we struggle with comprehending long periods of time.

Think before you Fast

On another note, the whole topic of dry fasting downright scares me – especially when done by people who have no fasting experience or aren’t eating particularly clean.  I understand the ethos of wanting to get the kidneys and liver functioning correctly, but this will happen when a low fat, whole foods, high-nutrient plant-based diet is applied consistently over time, and you are moving and sweating with a level of intensity that is natural for a human to do.  Get into your rhythm with the food and lifestyle that will heal you slowly over time.  Set and forget.  Move your body as nature intended.  A watched skin never heals – just get on with life and enjoy the abundant energy you’ll have on this lifestyle.

My biggest plea to you all, is that you would spend the vast majority of your time thinking about how you are going to be living and eating for the vast majority of your time.  A good diet will effectively combine nutrition, detoxification and sustainability.  If any of these three are missing, I say forget it.  Fast and drink grape juice and herbs for a short time if you really must, but please spend more time building consistency and working on techniques that will stick with you long-term, and make falling off the wagon an impossibility.

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Skin Health Coach | Author of The Complete Guide to Healing Eczema. Greg suffered with eczema for 10+ years, and experimented with an embarrassing array of lotions, potions and drugs before realising that true health was created from inside the body. Greg healed his skin naturally and permanently, following a path of detoxification, nutrition and sustainability.


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    This is pretty good, thoughtful advice compared to other blogs. A friend recommended the Master Fast System to me. Here are my thoughts:

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      Interesting post.

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