This ONE thing might be stopping you from healing

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Your mind.  Mindset is something I have touched on across the 100+ videos on the YouTube channel, but I fear that it perhaps has not come over with the relevance it really deserves.  With anything in life, the attitude with which it is embraced can have a huge impact on whether an endeavour is going to be successful.

I have come across many people who ask me outright, ‘What should I eat?’, ‘What should I put on my skin?’ or ‘Is turmeric good for eczema?’.  Whilst these questions show a willingness to take action, what they can also demonstrate is a lack of taking on the responsibility of working out a personal path to health.  I continue to give examples, and show what I eat, so that you can see how sustainable and enjoyable this lifestyle is, however, the onus is on you to feel it through, and come to an inner understanding on whether this makes sense.

Following Advice is Not Enough

If you have put into place every piece of advice I have given you over the past couple of years, but you have never come to a place of deep inner belief in what you are doing, then you’re just following instructions, and have not become a master of your own health.  Following others’ advice to get you onto the right track is essential at the start, but you must eventually own this for yourself, and vibe fully with your particular blend.  I am often reminded of how ‘we are all different’, and this is usually offered up by people who are unwilling to make the positive changes to their lifestyle that I’m suggesting.  However, there is truth to it, in that we can allow our bodies to guide us and allow ourselves to experiment, once we have established some boundaries and know we are on a consistently healthful path.

When answering your questions, I always try to tell you why I believe in doing a certain thing, or eating a certain food.  Like that saying, feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life.  I’m not saying fish is good, but hopefully you get the idea.

But will this work for me??

Sometimes people are not sure at the start of a coaching term whether ‘this will work’, and I understand that, because we are all new to this when we first happen across it.  Especially given how radical it looks in the face of standard western practices.  However, whether it works or not is up to you.  The tools are all there, but it’s up to you whether this becomes part of your identity, or something you are just dabbling with.  There is a big difference between being interested and being committed.  One of the results of charging for my time on Skype is that I end up working only with those who are committed – and that is far more rewarding, because I have a lot of passion to give this movement, and it is frustrating when it falls on mildly interested ears.

Many of you have joined the Eczema Healing Community group on Facebook, and it’s great to see the positive discussion and emotional support going on over there – it’s a good place to ask your questions, because the answers can help everyone.  Please know though, that there could be some tough love over there.  I never had intentions of building a support network that grew wider and wider, keeping people identifying with their disease, but rather a rigorous healing experience.  We want people to come in, see the light at the end of the tunnel, and eventually graduate away sharing their story of how their life and skin changed forever.

Make it your own

So fundamentally, I have never set out to lay down rules on what you should or should not eat to heal your skin.  We who are more experienced on this pathway can provide the information and tools in order for you to decide for yourself what the next step needs to be for you.  If you’re new, get a copy of the guide, start by following the guidelines to get the idea of what this is really all about.  It’s not just a slightly healthier version of what you’re already doing, it’s likely to bring about some pretty radical changes, but the guide will take you through it all, and educate you fully on why you’re doing it.  Those who get the most healing eventually graduate away from really needing anyone else, because they’ve made it their own, and have become a true master of their own health.


  1. Einsommerkind says:

    Hello Greg, thank you for your blogpost! Interesting as always 😉 you know what’s stopping me from healing? Other people… they are following a western diet. They treat me like an ill person, someone with eating disorders. Friends or family of my husband… and suddenly I’m feeling like an alien!
    You always have to be so strong. But I love myself, so I’m strong for myself. Best regards from Austria, Sommerkind

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