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juicing for clear skin

As most of you will know by now, this gut-related condition of ours – eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, is everything to do with the condition of the digestive tract.  Eating the wrong foods over an extended period of time has a hidden, yet disastrous effect on the inside lining of the gut.  The small intestine is where most of our food is absorbed and assimilated into the bloodstream.

Lining the small intestine are small hair-like protrusions called villi, whose job it is to transfer nutrients into the blood stream.  With our continued poor lifestyle habits (or the poor lifestyle habits of our forebears) these villi can become damaged or inefficient.  The walls of the villi are just one cell thick, so they are quite delicate, and susceptible to becoming weakened.  For reference, here is the intestinal lining of someone with coeliac disease compared to a normal functioning one:

juicing for clear skin

Now, what a juicer does is very similar to what the human digestive system does with food.  It separates out the liquid from the solid.  Remember, it’s generally the juice from the food that feeds you – the fibre is the structure that holds it together.  So when our digestive system is compromised, and not effectively carrying out this process, drinking nutrient-dense food that has already had the fibre removed is a sure-fire way of getting vital healing ingredients into our bloodstream, and thereby into our cells.

But I thought eating lots of fibre is healthy??

It IS healthy to consume plenty of fibre – that’s another big part of good digestive health.  However, if you are eating a low fat, whole-foods, plant based diet, you will be getting plenty of fibre from all the other things you are eating.  You are drinking juice primarily to flood your system with high-level nutrition, in a way that does not rely on a compromised digestive system.  You are effectively ‘cheating’ the system by juicing for clear skin instead of eating the whole foods.

Juicers are expensive, can’t I make green smoothies instead?

Of course you can make green smoothies.  However, the fibre is still going to be there, meaning that a smoothie is going to look very different to your digestive system, compared to a juice.  Your gut still has the job of separating out the juice, and sending the pulp out to waste.  What’s more, because of all the fibre, you are not going to be able to consume nearly the same volume of vegetables in a smoothie or in whole form, as you are if you juice it and remove the fibre.  Each glass of green juice is like eating a large salad.  Essentially, juicing for clear skin makes much more sense than smoothie-ing for clear skin.

Juicing is fun and sustainable

Taste is another huge benefit – if you simply cannot stand the taste of kale, but you juice it in with some carrots and apple, you will find it quite possible to consume 100-200g of kale every single day, and take benefit from its amazing properties.  I recommend drinking between 500-1000ml of dark green vegetable juice every day throughout the healing phase.  My favourite is 3 carrots, 1 green apple, a small piece of ginger, 1 lemon, 2 celery stalks, a third of a cucumber and 100g of kale.  Thinking about how long and arduous it would be to chew through all that food every day makes me not want to bother, but knowing I can sip it from a glass makes it very sustainable.

Once you’ve done your green juicing for clear skin, you can enjoy the feeling of that amazing green energy working inside you.  You don’t need to worry about chomping your way through huge salads to get your greens in.  Here is a video showing the type of juicer I recommend:

In this video you can see how I incorporate a green juice into my daily life:


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